Welcome to Take Root!

Want More Control Over the Health of Your Family’s Diet?

A growing number of people are using their backyards, gardens, patios, and community spaces to grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs that they can cultivate and eat themselves.

As our nation’s food supply becomes more and more unhealthy to eat, many individuals who suffer from compromised immune systems no longer have a choice: they must look for food that is free of chemicals and additives and that is more nourishing.  Whether you must grow your own food, you simply desire to help the planet, or you’d like to enjoy a peaceful garden space, Take Root helps people become successful at growing their own food.”

The benefits are enormous:

  • Food that is harvested the same day nourishes us with maximum nutrients.
  • No pesticides or synthetic chemicals are needed.  Only organic soil amendments are used.
  • Our environment is spared because eating local food reduces carbon footprint.
  • Children in the household can learn where food comes from first hand.
  • The act of gardening itself reduces stress and boosts the immune system.