Empowering the “Do it yourselfer”

| December 29, 2012

We are so happy and excited to work with families and communities to grow food.

We are even more excited to teach the necessary aspects of growing food, so that our communities learn and grow and teach each other.

Our goal is to teach and encourage people to:

  1. Identify seeds for the foods that you like to eat and grow and know how to sprout them and transplant them for your family food.
  2. Try growing and eating new things
  3. Be growing compost to feed your soil (either with the help of worms or in a pile)
  4. Understand about the watering needs of your plants and soil.

Be patient with yourself.  The work/pleasure of growing food takes time to learn and to understand:  the flows of the seasons, knowing when to start seeds, when to transplant them, when to harvest, what grows well and where.

Even though some seasons you may feel like you didn’t succeed, you are succeeding every time that you try.  Each trial (sometimes coupled with an error) lead you along a path of resiliency and life skill.  You will come to learn and understand what works for your life and schedule, your family, the ecosystem and seasons where your garden is located.  Patient dedication pays off.  Ask any food grower.  The lessons learned take you a long way.  If you learn one or two new things each season, you will have a great amount of knowledge at the end of 3-5 years and be ready to teach and encourage your friends, families and neighbors.

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