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September 13, 2013 More

Tour of a beautiful Tree Collard

I love collard greens!  Collard greens are the most nutritious green, containing the most calcium of all of its plant family.  In fact, the calcium is easily absorbed by the body.  And it is beautiful and keeps on giving its nutritious leaves all year long.  And it is easy to propagate from cuttings.  See more […]

March 15, 2013 More

Empowering the “Do it yourselfer”

We are so happy and excited to work with families and communities to grow food. We are even more excited to teach the necessary aspects of growing food, so that our communities learn and grow and teach each other. Our goal is to teach and encourage people to: Identify seeds for the foods that you […]

December 29, 2012 More

Planning your garden – Fall and winter thoughts

    As I was reflecting in the previous post about fava beans, it opened up a larger discussion about planning a garden, which in our area can be year round for most of us. What do I want to grow and how long does it take to become “food”? As we approach winter, there […]

December 29, 2012 More

Fava Beans for Fall 2012

What to grow, now that the tomatoes are finished With  the shortening days and the chilly nights along with these days of rain, it is time to transition our gardens.  First of all, if you still have tomatoes, get ready for your big harvest.  These rains really changed everything.   If you keep them in, they […]

December 29, 2012 More

It takes luck

With the strange weather patterns that we’ve experienced so far this year, it has me thinking of all the factors that come into play to grow food.  It really is a miracle that everything happens as it does, that our fore-farmers and current farmers have given us the seeds and the methods to carry food […]

August 31, 2011 More

Welcome to the New Take Root Website

Take Root has long helped Bay Area residents transform their yards into lush and fruitful gardens. In addition to our landscaping services, we perform a variety of community services, including hands-on classes, seminars, and other garden and local food related activities. Our new website allows us to keep you in the loop about these activities, […]

April 21, 2011 More