When I was discouraged about ever having a garden in my cement back yard, Take Root showed up, with buckets and pails, and delightful energy. In a few weeks I had, and still enjoy, my meditation pit (built with recycled cement pieces) and green, green everywhere. Ah! It is delightful.-Bobbi, San Francisco 

With her expertise and her warm sense of humor, Robin helped more than our garden grow! She is a delightful, nurturing, helpful person who taught our whole family about the “mysteries” of creating our successful garden.

-Martha, Menlo Park


What I was looking for, as someone with literally no garden experience, was an easy and manageable project that would give me the joy of watching things grow. When I became pregnant, my nurturing instincts took over and I felt like I had to grow food. I wanted to create a little, dream-baby garden in the back yard. In the beginning I wanted to try easy things. I derived great pleasure from growing tomatoes last summer. Now I want to experiment with more vegetables, like greens. The garden makes me feel happy. I feel the abundance. It is fabulous to offer to my friends and family food that has come from my back yard.

Working with Robin was absolutely joyful. At every appointment she brought a breath of fresh air and sunshine. Her support gave me confidence that I could grow what I wanted in my back yard. Robin also shared information in a language that I could easily understand, without all of the industry jargon.

-Mari, Sunnyvale

Julie and Robin introduced my family to a whole new world of vegetable gardening and edible landscaping. I never knew that we could grow so many things and have my kids asking me to grow more kale.

-Amy, San Mateo


Thank you for your professional expertise in getting my garden established so quickly. The soil testing was a great idea and the irrigation system is working well. I am so happy to see the winter garden vegetables that you planted starting to grow. All the plants are very healthy and the lettuce has started to sprout. I can hardly wait until I get to harvest all those great vegetables. It is terrific to see how much can be planted in a backyard garden in a space that was not being used and which now is very attractive to the eye as well as a productive space.

I look forward to our continued relationship.

-Barbara, Hillsborough

I have always wanted a veggie garden but the task seemed too daunting. Julie took my wishes and created beautiful, and surprisingly high-yielding plots. She was responsive to any problems that arose and helped educate me on how to care for the food myself. I’ve been loving my just-picked arugula and cherry tomato salads. And having mint on-hand for mojitos hasn’t been bad either!

-Ann Larie, San Francisco